Features included in all our sites 

Responsive design

Today everyone has gone mobile and your website needs to be ready to play well with  a wide range of devices. That’s why every site designed by our team is manually fine tuned and tested on different devices and browsers to make sure your customers enjoy the same great experience on their platform of choice.

Powerful & simple CMS

Start adding new content to your website in minutes with our easy step by step video instructions. Write posts, share photos and videos without writing a single line of code.

WordPress, our weapon of choice, holds the largest CMS market share by far, and currently accounts for over 58.8% of all websites out there. This is because wordpress is powerful, reliable and simple.

Don’t have time to update your site regularly? Relax, our content specialists are full of fresh ideas to manage and optimise your website’s content.

A webiste that works for you

Let your site take care of many time-consuming processes you’ve been doing manually.  Our E-commerce web apps are designed to manage critical aspects of your business with just a couple of clicks.

Start with a basic configuration and add more features as your business grows. Our support team will guide you throught the whole process of becoming an expert managing your site.  

Use the power of information to improve your business

Sell products and manage inventory, update your accounting system automatically, gather information to improve your strategies and more custom functions created to make your life easier and increase your sales.

Start your web journey with the perfect domain

.com   €9.99         .ie   €14.99*          .co.uk   €7.99          .net   €9.99

All our sites include 1 Year of Premium Web Hosting provided by

Premium Web Hosting Features

Ultra fast 

Sub-second page loads and  fast loading E-commerce orders that increase your convertion rate.  

Our highly tweaked servers use 100% Solid State Drives and our webserver of choice is LiteSpeed Enterprise with cache activated on the server side. Thanks to this tecnology, E-commerce apps run 89% faster on catmedia.space servers compared to regular hosting providers.


Security is something we take seriously. Our platform is designed to provide the very best performance without a compromise in security.

catmedia.space is PCI Data Security Standard compliant. Our cloud servers are located in the state of the art Centro facility in London. With secure compound, razor-wire fences,  24 hour security personnel, CCTV throughout and of course, technicians on site, always.


Optimised and built by cloud experts to ensure your web presence is lightning fast with 100% uptime.  Always prepared to handle thousands of  simultaneous connections  when your ideas go viral and the world is sharing.

Long story short,  you need to keep your data away from frauds and to have your server up and running, fast, all day, every day. This formula is your key to success.    


Grow your website as your business grows. Start with the included Premium Hosting package and add more computational power when needed. catmedia.space  offer a network of servers and CDNs capable of delivering  your web app ultra fast to the whole world.

To achieve this we have servers running in the very best datacenters in UK, Germany, US, Singapore and India. Waiting to host your next million dollar idea!