Abandoned Cart Nurturing

Your customers may have many websites open at the same time, especially when they are online shopping, so it’s easy for them to navigate away from your site without making a purchase even if they meant to.  Or maybe they just need more time before pulling the trigger. 

Make it easy for your customers to go back and revisit their shopping cart and increase your sales up to 25%

Some facts

The average eCommerce store sees 50%-75% of the carts created in their stores abandoned before purchase, that could mean an additional 25% in sales for the average store.


Of shoppers who didn’t complete the checkout process said that they wanted to save the products in their cart for further consideration.


Of all online shoppers wait a day or more to complete an online purchase.

How it works

A visitor adds a product to their shopping cart.

During checkout, the visitor decides not to buy and leaves the site.

Sometime later, you send an email with helpful product information and a gentle reminder to complete their purchase, moving the visitor closer to a sale.

How we do it

First, we integrate your eCommerce platform with HubSpot CRM.  From the all-time classics Woocommerce, Shopify and Magento to industry-specific systems, we can integrate virtually every platform via HubSpot’s super powerful API.

Once your eCommerce system and HubSpot are synced, we design an email template based on your brand’s attributes. Our team will work together to create the right messages to motivate your users to go back to their shopping cart and finish their purchase. 

With all our messages setup, we define an email sequence to determine the order and time between each email we will be sending, if the customer takes no action.   We don’t want to be too pushy and come across as annoying. 

Thanks to HubSpot simple, yet powerful, analytic tools, we can see how your visitors are engaging with each email message and analyse the influenced revenue of each one.

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